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Dima Bilan plays in УAbsurd TheatreФ

The shortie УTeatr absurda (Absurd Theatre)Ф, the lead role in which was played by Dima Bilan, will be presented on the video hosting Youtube on November 22. The short film is based on composition of the artist УOn khotelФ.

УThe scenario comes from the song, - says the press-service of the singer to IntermediaФ, - however, it cannot be considered to be a musical video. In the 10-minute picture Dima Bilan performs with monologues, in which he shares his opinion on the moral values of the people, who live in the Russian capitalФ.

Besides Dima Bilan, Tatjyana Drobysheva plays in УAbsurd TheatreФ. According to the plot, she plays the part of a guide, who shows different worlds to Dima. The shortie will already appear on Youtube on November 12.

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Russian rapper Noize MCТ concerts been cancelled




Bono apologizes for putting U2`s new album in everyone`s iCloud library




Dina Garipova to release debut album





21 October / Tuesday



"Vse zavisit ot Boga, i nemnogo ot nas"


"Kogda Ya Uvizhy More 2014"


"Slezi Solnca(2014)"


"Ta Tu"

Ksyha Ivanova


The Flexican & Sef

"Mother`s Day"


"The Only Way Out"


"Feels Like Vegas"

Mercer & Sebastien Benett





20 October / Monday


Philip Kirkorov


Gruppa PM

"Liven skripach"

Dasha Rusakova

"Monotonnoe da(Roma Pafos radio remix)"


"Moskovskiye zvyozdy"

Merta Kot


Valery Vlasov

"Raduga (show "Hit")

Maroon 5


Nicole Scherzinger


Lenny Kravitz

"New York City"

Tom Swoon, Paris & Simo


Carl Barat & The Jackals

"Glory Days"

Smith & Westin

"My Heart"


18 October / Saturday


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