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Triangle Sun appears on international MTV

Not so long ago the Russian band Triangle Sun appeared in rotation of the international music channel MTV. It concerns MTV in Great Britain as well as Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

Two works of the collective is rotated on MTV channel – a music video for the composition `Beautiful` from the debut album `Diamond` and `Where Will You Go` from the second one `IRIS` that was filmed by the famous European producer Charlie Stadler.

It’s noteworthy that Russian musicians appear in the international rotation rather rare. The last artist, who did it, was Timati with the track `Welcome to Saint-Tropez`.

On the international stage Triangle Sun became known thanks to the music collections Café Del Mar (Café Del Mar Music Spain), Erotic Lounge (Sony Music, Germany) and Buddha Bar (George V, France). The band appeared on the latter one in April, 2011: the legendary music compilation Buddha Bar XII includes Triangle sun’s track `Kogda idyosh vperyod`, recorded jointly with the singer and poetess Lena kaufman. The principal peculiarity of the work appeared the fact that Triangle sun and Buddha Bar applied to the Russian poetry first time ever.

For the time of its existence the band managed to visit a great number of festivals in Russia, the CIS countries and Europe.

Source: http://NEWSmusic.ru








Mumy Troll presents video about music piracy




Most frequently sold Russian songs on iTunes been announced




Johnny Depp guest stars in Paul McCartney`s `Early Days` video





23 July / Wednesday


Evgeniy Anegin

"Ya Ne Tot"

Patrick Cash

"Liho Tantsuy"

Pier Nartsis

"Davay Mahnyom"

DJLike & Miela

"Kapli Morya"


"Hideaway" (Gorgon City Remix)

Haim feat. A$AP Ferg

"My Song 5"


"Drowning" (Dave Glass Animals Remix)


22 July / Tuesday


Soprano Turetskogo & Aleksandr Revva

"Na Letu Leto"

Oleg Romanenko

"Schast`e Kilogrammami"

Sergey Voropaev

"V Tvoey Kvartire"

Nadejda Gus`kova

"Make me feel"


"Red Lights"

Jeezy feat. Jay Z

"Seen It All"

New World Sound & Thomas Newson


Gus Gus

"Obnoxiously Sexual"


21 July / Monday



"Ulibaysya" (Ivan Spell remix)

DJ Boyko & Jane Maximova


Andrey Pavlovich


Aleksey Filatov

"Bukva A"

Arctic Monkeys

"Snap Out Of It"


"Heart Is A Drum"

Jhene Aiko feat. Cocaine 80s

"To Love & Die"

Adrian Marcel feat. Sage The Gemini


The Madden Brothers

"We Are Done"

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