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To Natalia Podolskaya it almost wasn`t forbidden to start up to Moscow all because of her Belarus passport

Natalia Podolskaya urgently had to go to Belarus because of problems with her passport, arisen in the beginning of February. The matter is that her passport for travel abroad, has terminated, more precisely, pure pages where are pasted visas and are put boundary stamps (validities of the passport do not end yet). This trouble was found out at airport "Sheremetyevo" where the actress has arrived from Arab Emirates where she spent the winter holidays.
The Russian frontier guards had no place to put a stamp about entrance, and they have kept the performer some hours on item of the control. Fortunately, Natalia managed to agree with frontier guards, and those have released her, strictly having warned, that next time she cannot return to Russia with such document any more.
Mrs. Podolskaya had with to go back home to Belarus where employees of a local passport department have tried to solve her problem with the passport as soon as possible. On February, 9th the singer has returned to Moscow already with the pure document.

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International Day of Music will unite over 100 venues in Moscow




Music labels Universal and Warner oblige Russian social network to remove their songs out of public use




Vladimir Medinsky: "New Wave Contest to revive in Sochi"





05 October / Monday


Oleg Oparin feat. zvezdy rossiyskoy estrady

"Eh, Luk-Luchok"

Katya Savelieva


Potap & Nastya & Biyanka

"Stil Sobachki"

Moskovskoye Vremya

"Oseni Obryad"

Denis Kharlamov

"Ya by khotel perepisat` sebya"


"V proshlom (Filatov & Karas Remix)"

Moya Mishel`

"Khimiya (DJ Noiz Remix)"

tyDi feat. Nash Overstreet

"Tear Me Up"

Everything Everything





02 October / Friday


Polina Gagarina

"Ya Ne Budu"


"Poka Gorod Spit"



Brooke Candy

"Rubber Band Stacks"

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers

"All of This and Nothing"

Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren


Therr Maitz

"Found U"


01 October / Thursday


Andrey Vitvitskiy


Ol`ga Mayorova


Viktor Kram

"Ya Podaryu Tebe Mir"

Evgeniy Grin`ko


David Guetta & Showtek feat. Magic! & Sonny Wilson

"Sun Goes Down"

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